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Press Release

3M is Here for you and your Wound Care Patients

tech imageThe health and wellbeing of the wound care community and patients are our highest priorities.

During this time, we understand that you may have limited access to meet with your sales representative. While your representative will still be your first point of contact, we have multiple on-demand resources that can assist you.

iOn HEALING™ Mobile App

The iOn HEALING™ App provides clinicians with access to everything from on-demand instructional videos to simplified product ordering, with every interaction adhering strictly to HIPAA regulations.

Download the iOn HEALING™ Mobile App >

Note: If you currently use the iOn HEALING™ Mobile App, please ensure you have the most recent version.

Virtual Education Programs

  • Schedule live online educational sessions
  • View on-demand video and product demonstrations
  • Virtual application and In-Service training onV.A.C.® Therapy and SNAP™ Therapy System products

To learn more visit >

MyWoundHealing™ Mobile App

The MyWoundHealing™ App is a digital resource that you can share with your V.A.C.® Therapy patients. The app allows patients to reorder their own supplies, access on-demand educational articles and videos, and 24/7 support.

Download the MyWoundHealing™ App >

Note: For more information and to access the patient instruction guide, please contact your representative.

iOn PROGRESS™ Remote Therapy Monitoring

Patients who have been prescribed the ACTIV.A.C.™ Therapy System with iOn PROGRESS™ Remote Therapy Monitoring are being closely monitored by a team of virtual therapy specialists to ensure adherence to their NPWT therapy. 

To learn more visit >

Visit or call 800-275-4524 to learn more

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