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Importance of Studying the Clinical Effects of NPWTi-d

In this video, Paul Kim, DPM, MS, emphasizes the value of researching the clinical effects of negative pressure wound therapy with instillation and dwell time (NPWTi-d). 


Paul Kim: So the last 10 years, there's been multiple publications in the space of instillation therapy. And negative pressure wound therapy with instillation, if you don't know what it is, essentially, you're marrying two different technologies. One is standard negative pressures with the added benefit of irrigation. 

And over the course of the last 10 years, there's been publications. But there've been sort of spotty, and there's been really a lack of enough evidence to pull together to perform a systematic review and meta‑analysis. 

So when we looked at the time that we wrote the paper, we looked back at the papers that have been published, and I think there was enough there to analyze, and hence the meta‑analysis was performed.

Transcription by CastingWords

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