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Wheel of Healing


Wound Care practitioners know that successful outcomes in the management of acute and chronic wounds can be impacted by biological and social conditions.

This holistic model offers a consistent clinical outline for the diagnostic approach of all types of wounds, including by not limited to, diabetic, venous, and pressure ulcers, traumatic injuries, surgical wounds, and burns wound.

The “wheel” highlights the essential team approach of the multiple healthcare providers and ancillary services needed for the wound care management

 Incorporating each wheel component categories into a daily plan and “SOAP” note may underscore best practices, and facilitate the organization of key performance indicators.

The “wheel” may also serve as an important educational tool for the patients who need to understand the complexities of coordinated clinical care, and the relationship of their overall health to their wound healing.

For example, the diabetic patient may become empowered and more compliant by understanding that their participation is important in achieving the desired successful outcomes.

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