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In this video, Dot Weir, RN, CWON, CWS, discusses the importance of attending SAWC's conference and what it has to offer for all types of clinic
Authors: Annemari S. Cooley, MBA, MA1; Richard Dansereau, RN, MSN2; Renaye Mansfield, RN, BSN, CWS3 1Sr. Director, Clinical Development, Smith + Nephew, Salem, OR 2Clinical Resource Specialist, Clinical Affairs, Smith + Nephew 3Senior Clinical Business Director, Clinical Affairs, Smith + Nephew Poster Number: CR-28
Over the past few years, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) has undergone a transformation. Single-use NPWT (sNPWT) devices have been developed to allow patients more and better options. Previous data1 comparing different traditional NPWT (tNPWT) devices suggested that the devices provided similar clinical outcomes.
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Umbilical Cord/Amniotic Membrane transplantation as an adjunct therapy is experiencing a rapid adoption rate in wound care applications. This is a clip taken from a SAWC Spring 2020 session called, Amniox: Promising Advancement in the Management of Complex Wounds. 
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Kimberly P: Can you address what to do with a patient that is a nonsurgical candidate with an ABI of 0.7 to 0.8?
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