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Posters have been submitted for presentation at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, reviewed by a 31-member abstract committee, and will be uploaded weekly. The Wound Care Learning Network commends each author and presenter for their excellent work and commitment to sharing the results of their study and practice with the wound healing community.

John McQuilling, Miranda Burnette, Kelly Kimmerling, MaryRose Kammer, Katie Mowry
Marc Matthews, Samantha Delapena, Philomene Spadafore, Stephanie Bollenbach, Virginia Nisbet, Areta Kowal-Vern, Kevin Foster
Yong Mao, Tyler Hoffman, Amit Singal, Anya Singh-Varma, Sandeep Dhall, Malathi Sathyamoorthy, Alla Danilkovitch, Jaochim Kohn
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