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Chronic Wounds Resource Center


Wound clinicians see various types of chronic wounds. Which of the following is not a type of chronic wound?

  1. Pressure Injury/Ulcer
  2. Venous Ulcer
  3. Arterial Ulcer
  4. Burn Wound
Empirical Studies
Abstract BACKGROUND: Chronic wounds require frequent assessment, minor procedures, and dressing changes. Discomfort, anxiety, and stress are commonly reported during…
Pearls for Practice
INTRODUCTION Venous ulcers are a common chronic problem in many countries, especially in Northern Europe and the United States, with an overall prevalence reported as…
Original Research
The objective of this descriptive, retrospective case series was to determine the efficacy of recombinant human epidermal growth factor plus compression therapy vs…
Original Research
This study aimed to evaluate the clinical outcomes of amnion-derived and chorion-derived cryopreserved placental membranes containing viable cells in the treatment of…
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