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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Resource Center

The patient’s care doesn’t always end with a closed wound, especially when it comes to offloading and total contact casts. As the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But what happens to diabetic foot ulcers (DFU…


What percentage of people with diabetes will develop diabetic foot ulcers?

A. 5% - 10%

B. 10% - 15%

C. 15% - 25%

D. 25% - 30%

Issue Content
Effective offloading of lower extremity ulcers can mitigate one of the direst consequences of diabetes. These authors take a look at the future of offloading using an…
Original Research
This meta-analysis compares human-derived acellular dermal matrices (H-ADMs) with standard of care (SOC) to evaluate the number of healed ulcers at 12 and 16 weeks and…
Case Series
This article presents a case series supporting the use of RTM for early identification of DFUs.
Case Series
This article examines the use of ORC/collagen/silver-ORC dressings alone or subsequent to advanced wound therapies in a retrospective cohort of 24 patients.
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