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At a time where words matter more than ever before, we need to use the correct phrases and terminology and avoid inappropriately interchanging words so that we do not create and/or perpetuate confusion and misinformation. When discussing…


When might a clinician consider opening the pouch >1/8 inch?

A. Irregular stoma shape

B. Stomal stenosis and small fecal stomas

C. Enlarging stoma from a hernia

D. All of the above

Upfront with Ostomies
Introduction Preparing for ostomy surgery can be a daunting experience, especially when that preparation is compounded with a devastating diagnosis of…
Empirical Studies
Abstract BACKGROUND: Stomal and peristomal skin complications represent a significant burden on the physical and psychological well-being of patients.…
Empirical Studies
Abstract BACKGROUND: Stomal mucocutaneous separation (SMS) is a serious and common short-term and long-term complication of ostomy surgery, but optimal…
Upfront with Ostomies
INTRODUCTION When you fit your patient with a reliable ostomy appliance system, it is just the first step on the challenging supply pathway. Ostomy supplies…
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