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Abstract A rod passed through the mesenteric window is commonly used during maturation of ileostomies, but evidence for the effectiveness of this procedure is limited. PURPOSE. The aim of this meta-analysis was to determine whether…


When might a clinician consider opening the pouch >1/8 inch?

A. Irregular stoma shape

B. Stomal stenosis and small fecal stomas

C. Enlarging stoma from a hernia

D. All of the above

Children With Wounds: Asking the Right Questions
Introduction The decision to perform a tracheostomy on an infant or older child receiving chronic respiratory support is complex and difficult. Tracheostomy…
Empirical Studies
Abstract The Ostomy Adjustment Inventory-23 (OAI-23) was developed in English to measure the social and psychological adaptation of individuals who…
Empirical Studies
Abstract PURPOSE: This study aimed to describe the frequency of colostomy and ileostomy complications and types of nursing interventions as well as to…
Empirical Studies
Abstract A patient with a tracheostomy may have impaired body perception, reduced life satisfaction, and a need for psychological help after discharge.…
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