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At a time where words matter more than ever before, we need to use the correct phrases and terminology and avoid inappropriately interchanging words so that we do not create and/or perpetuate confusion and misinformation. When discussing…


When might a clinician consider opening the pouch >1/8 inch?

A. Irregular stoma shape

B. Stomal stenosis and small fecal stomas

C. Enlarging stoma from a hernia

D. All of the above

Empirical Studies
Abstract BACKGROUND: Patients who have undergone tracheostomy may feel weak, perceive a change in their health status, and have difficulty performing…
When caring for a patient who has recently underwent ostomy surgery, there are multiple needs that clinicians should be addressing simultaneously, for example the…
This is an infographic to help clinicians when treating people with ostomies and complications/problems that arise. Supplies needed:
Empirical Studies
Abstract BACKGROUND: Italy instituted a lockdown from March 10 to May 3, 2020, due to the coronavirus disease-19 pandemic. All nonessential businesses were…
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