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Pressure Ulcer/Injury Resource Center

Abstract Existing evidence is inadequate to assume increased skin temperature is a risk factor for the development of pressure ulcers (PUs). PURPOSE: The purpose of this prospective, descriptive study was to examine the relationship…


Skin temperature can increase as a normal response to pressure ulcer-related inflammation, especially in areas where tissue ischemia begins.



Original Research
A systematic review of the literature was conducted to: (1) differentiate the types of integument injury and etiology; (2) describe the anatomic and pathophysiologic…
Empirical Studies
Abstract The use of prophylactic dressings to help prevent intraoperatively acquired pressure injuries (IAPIs) merits further study. PURPOSE: To examine how the use of a…
Wound Care Q&A
Once an ulcer heals, the needs of the patient do not cease. Ulcer recurrence is a significant issue in high-risk patients. Accordingly, these panelists share their…
Issue Content
Malpractice lawsuits are common for patients with pressure injuries, and their consequences can follow clinicians even when the charges are dismissed. This author takes…
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