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Skin Care Resource Center

Abstract Existing evidence is inadequate to assume increased skin temperature is a risk factor for the development of pressure ulcers (PUs). PURPOSE: The purpose of this prospective, descriptive study was to examine the relationship…


True or False?

Folliculitis is more common in female patients who have a stoma.

Pearls for Practice
Introduction Wound bed preparation using appropriate cleansing products is essential for wound healing. Wounds have been cleansed with antimicrobial…
Case Report
Abstract Os styloideum is an accessory wrist bone at the base of the second and third metacarpals. Similar to metacarpal bossing, chronic pain secondary to the…
Children With Wounds: Asking the Right Questions
Introduction Many rashes may not be simple to diagnose, but the urgency and risk of complications are generally low. Most have a good prognosis, rare…
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